Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

We all know that the majority of “cat-keepers” perceive their favorites as full-fledged family members. Therefore, they should enjoy the same privileges as people. In other words, a cat who lives in an apartment or house must have its own “living space”, including a sleeping place.

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

On such a "heart" a whole cat family can lie down

Do-it-yourself bed for a cat is one of the options on how to make your pet’s life more enjoyable and comfortable. If you do not have such skills, do not worry, because there is nothing too complicated in the independent manufacture of such devices. In addition, there is always the possibility of using many different materials at hand. Today we will talk about how to make a bed for a cat with your own hands, based on a pattern with step-by-step instructions.

What you need to know about the sunbed

Despite the apparent simplicity of making it yourself, each cat bed should be made according to certain standards.

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

They are as follows:

  • The bed for the cat should be, first of all, comfortable.
  • If possible, it can be washed without unnecessary problems.
  • Environmental and functional safety must be on top.
  • It is advisable that it is not subject to dust accumulation, as this can adversely affect the respiratory system of the animal.
  • If possible, make sure that the bed for the cat is more or less consistent with the style of the interior of the whole room.

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

Be that as it may, taking all these wishes into account is not so simple. However, if you do manage to do this, you will be even more pleased than your beloved cat.

Different variants

Of course, the easiest, but at the same time attractive and convenient option is to sew pillows using foam rubber or other filler. This is a fairly simple design, which to make at home is quite real. over, you can even refuse a pattern, because, due to the simplicity of manufacturing, you will not need it.

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

On the other hand, it is believed that the ideal option is a kind of "sofa for the cat", and to be more precise – a couch, which would have a small depression in the middle. By the way, if you use softer packing, then a pillow can also be used as a nest, because its center will “sag” under the weight of the animal, forming a kind of sunbed with edges. At the same time, if you make additional bordering along the perimeter, it will not be superfluous. Such an approach can make the cat’s sleeping and lying conditions more comfortable, as she will be able to take any comfortable postures. The sides that will be sewn around the perimeter will make the atmosphere more comfortable.

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Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

Quite unusual, but at the same time, an attractive bed for a cat can be made out of an unnecessary, obsolete suitcase. Special chic will be if you manage to find an old suitcase. Of course, an important condition is its complete safety and a presentable appearance, since it is hard to imagine that your beloved pet should sleep in a bed made of something torn or damaged. Examples from the photo show how exactly this option can be made. In most cases, legs are used that are mounted separately. In any case, this is not so difficult to do, and such a couch looks very unusual, but at the same time attractive.

Advice! In order to make the cat more comfortable, you can put him something soft, for example, a small pillow or lining.

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

By the way, a very interesting option can be a sunbed made in the form of a hamburger. Handy materials may be suitable for its manufacture. In addition, it can be decorated, especially in cases where you have old and unnecessary scarves, sweaters and other knitted items.

By the way, a bed for a cat can be combined with a kind of house. You can read more about the manufacture of such structures in an article on how to make a house for a cat with your own hands. In such cases, you can also use a variety of options from existing furniture items that you no longer need, and therefore, are still planned for disposal. So, the house can be made from an old bedside table, stools and so on.

A very original option is a bed for a cat on a battery. Firstly, she performs her immediate task, allowing the cat to rest, and secondly, it will warm up, since such a hanging “crib” will contact directly with the battery. Such suspension solutions are especially suitable for the autumn-winter period, making the life of your pet even more comfortable and enjoyable. Thus, this can become a kind of heated bed, as it will be heated by a warm battery.

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One of the most interesting options that can be transported without much effort is a hammock for a cat. Such a couch, however, may not appeal to every cat. Nevertheless, you should consider making it, as it can be knitted or sewn yourself without any special problems. In addition, given that you can sew a hammock from any materials at hand, we can say that it will cost you absolutely free.

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

Idea! You can pull a hammock between the legs of a chair, a small coffee table or a stool. Thus, you do not have to specifically look for a place to equip such a hanging sunbed.

If the place in the apartment or in a specific room allows, you can make several sunbeds at once, which will be located one after the other. The materials at the same time can be very different. Here are just a few interesting ideas for making cat beds:

  • From jeans.
  • From a sweater.
  • From a cardboard box.
  • Wicker from the vine.
  • Crocheted.

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

In addition, interesting designs for cat beds include special designs on the windowsill. Many cats, as you yourself have probably noticed, really like to sit on the window and spend time there. So, meeting their “wishes”, it’s quite possible to make a cat bed on the windowsill.

Be that as it may, a master class will help you make the right bed for the cat with your own hands. In addition, it will never be superfluous to additionally study photos and videos, using which you will draw a lot of interesting and useful ideas.

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

Manufacturing instructions

So, if you need a master class on how to make a bed for cats and dogs with your own hands step by step, let’s consider some of the most interesting options.

Soft sofa

Before you sew a sofa bed for a cat, you need to select the necessary materials. There are only two of them: fabric and filler (as a rule, dense foam or foam).

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

The sewing process itself is quite simple:

  1. Cut the fabric according to how the future sofa will look.
  2. Prepare its halves (vertical and horizontal) from the filler by gluing them (if you use polystyrene) or stitching (if you use foam rubber).
  3. The cover itself needs to be sewn, after which – pull on the base.
  4. Additionally, you can use a soft backing.

Simple sunbed with sides

In order to make this kind of “mattress”, bordered by small elevations, sides, you will need textile material, as well as an unnecessary pillow. You can use a small children’s mattress.

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Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

  1. We cut the pillow or mattress in such a way that we get one base for the bottom (the shape can be any: round, square, rectangular, etc.), as well as narrower strips from which the sides will be made.
  2. We flash the resulting parts of the couch, preferably with additional seams, to give greater strength.
  3. We lay out the base and sides on the table and additionally sheathe them with a pre-prepared cloth.
  4. It is advisable to sew the beads together to form a kind of "perimeter". It can either be firmly sewn to the base, or by making loops and sewing buttons, make it removable. For "advanced" lovers of cutting and sewing, we can recommend making a zipper to connect the bottom and sides.
  5. Everything, on this bed is ready, you can lay your favorite on it, additionally covering it with a blanket or blanket.

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

We use a sweater

A rather original way of making a cat bed with your own hands from improvised means is to use old clothes, in particular, an unnecessary sweater.

On a note! It is best if you use a sweater made of natural material. For filling, it is advisable to pick up any material at hand, you can use synthetic filler from an old pillow.

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea

So, phased production is as follows:

  1. We turn the sweater on the wrong side, tightly sew up the neck.
  2. We sew the sleeves together in the places of the cuffs, so that they could be made into peculiar sides.
  3. The sides and the base are filled with filler and sewn up.
  4. At the base you can put a small pillow of a round shape.

Bed For A Cat As Part Of The Interior Idea


We have considered far from all, but only the most common types of beds for cats that you can do with your own hands at home. They can be of different sizes, as well as have certain additional accessories, for example, a scratching post. In any case, if the house seems to you something complicated, you can always prefer to make a sunbed. Before you make one of the above options, or draw some alternative ideas, it is always advisable to study more photos of the finished options that were sewn or assembled from improvised materials by other cat lovers.

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