Bengal Kittens Than To Feed, Care Features And Reviews

If you are going to have a kitten, then consider a Bengal breed. Charming creatures like leopards are sure to appeal to all your family members. They will not make you sad, but with their pranks and curiosity will present an excellent mood. Do not expect this creature to sleep all day in your lap. It is an eternal source of energy. And, of course, they are distinguished by an amazing voice that will surprise even a sophisticated listener.

Bengal Kittens Than To Feed, Care Features And Reviews

Origin of breed

Before moving directly to the diet, let’s look at who Bengal kittens are. How to feed them will become clearer if we trace the formation of the breed. This is the result of crossing a wild leopard cat with other representatives. The result was a beautiful and strong animal. The ancestors had bright spots scattered on a yellowish background. They ate exclusively animal food. Bengal kittens are also predators. What to feed the spotted darlings in detail we will consider further. However, it is already becoming clear that the basis will be meat and fish.

Baby care

Surely you have already visited the breeder and watched the touching lumps that sleep near mom. And having a good rest, they begin to play cheerfully, which also causes a lot of delight. However, soon the whole burden of responsibility will fall on the future owners when Bengal kittens move to their home. How to feed funny babies so that they grow and develop correctly, how to protect them from numerous diseases, all these issues can be additionally discussed with the breeder and veterinarian. Without harm to their own health, the cat will feed the crumbs only until they reach 1.5 months.

Basics of feeding

The future owner should have a good idea of ​​the responsibility that lies with him. Therefore, choose the time and come to see how fun Bengal kittens play in their native nest. What to feed the future pet, it is best to learn from the breeder. Proper and well-balanced nutrition at the very beginning of a kitten’s life lays the foundation for his future health. Depending on age, the baby needs a different diet, which should always contain only quality products.

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First lures

At about 3-4 weeks, Bengal kittens begin to receive food from a saucer. What to feed the baby at this age? Now you need to carefully give liquid or pasty food, which will not give a large load on the body. If you have a small child, then by analogy you can understand what a kitten needs. Meat or semi-meat purees are ideal. From one and a half months it is already possible to add more solid food, for example, minced meat with vegetables.

Starting from two months, you can start giving finely chopped raw meat. At the initial stage, they necessarily give a tiny creation milk, cottage cheese, kefir and yogurt. It’s easiest for kittens to switch from breast milk to fermented milk products. This helps to populate the microflora with beneficial microorganisms. Until about four months, they should be present in the diet daily. Closer to six months it is already possible to transfer the kitten to a teenage diet, in which much attention is already paid to meat components.

Bengal Kittens Than To Feed, Care Features And Reviews

Feeding schedule

It is very important not only to learn how to feed a Bengal kitten, but how often you need to do it. You can be guided by a hungry look of a kitten, but it is much better to work out the optimal mode right away. A small pet should receive food 5-7 times a day. If he will demand it more often, then the first time is to go towards him, but gradually accustom to maintain the framework:

  • Up to 2 weeks of age, 10 feedings per day are required.
  • A monthly kitten requires feeding at least 8-9 times a day.
  • Before reaching the age of two months, you need to organize feeding 7 times a day. Now at night your pet should sleep peacefully.
  • Within a month, the number of feedings will be reduced to 6 times.
  • Is your pet 4-5 months old? He may well eat 5 times a day.
  • By the 9th month of life, we reduce this amount to 4 times a day.
  • By the year you gradually go to an adult diet, that is, you now need to feed the cat twice a day.
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How to feed a Bengal kitten (3 months)?

By this time, your pet has already erupted teeth, and he can eat independently. His growth is very active, the skeleton is strengthened and the gastrointestinal tract is finally formed. The nutrition of the kitten during this period should be as fortified and especially rich in protein.

About 60-80% of the diet is meat. Properly feed a Bengal kitten with boiled or well-frozen and scalded beef. Once or twice a week, boiled liver is included in the diet. Gradually begin to accustom him to porridges, mixing them with meat.

Eggs are more useful for babies, more precisely, only the yolk. Once a week, he should be in the diet. Additionally, it is worth giving cottage cheese and yogurt.

Bengal Kittens Than To Feed, Care Features And Reviews

Feeding at 4-6 months

And we continue to talk about how best to feed a Bengal kitten. At this age, they begin to grow very quickly and gain weight. Now we need to especially ensure that the products in the diet are not deposited in fat, but go on the formation of muscle mass.

Now the baby’s jaws have formed, and pieces of meat, beef or chicken offal can be given not chopped, but cut into pieces. It is recommended to gradually add fermented baked milk or yogurt. It is advisable to consult a veterinarian than to feed a Bengal kitten. 4 months is the term for the final formation of all organs and systems, so it is advisable that the doctor regularly assess the development of the baby.

Feeding a teenager

The development of the kitten is almost over, and therefore you need to gradually switch to an adult diet, because it is already an almost adult Bengal cat. How to feed a kitten at this age? Growth is becoming less noticeable, but its taste preferences are already clearly visible. Do not indulge his whims and do not give food from the table. However, a new treat may appear in the diet – low-fat marine fish.

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Finished feed

Be sure to observe the following rules:

  • Do not mix professional feed with a normal diet.
  • Transfer the cat to another brand in stages.

Content Features

Adult cats do not cause their owner extra trouble. All you need is timely vaccination and feeding, as well as the love of the owner. Be sure to install a scratching post in the apartment. From the ancestors, these creatures inherited long and sharp claws, which must be periodically grinded. These are real athletes who cannot sit idle, so in a small apartment a frisky kitten can render all curtains unusable, swaying on them. It is much better if he has the opportunity to play in the fresh air and hunt birds.

But to wash and comb these cats there is no need. These are very clean creatures that lick themselves carefully, even if they touch their hair slightly, which is short and shiny. By the way, it has one feature – to change color depending on the lighting. In the bright sun, the hair glistens, shimmers and shines. These are very smart cats that people like. They are very active and inquisitive.

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