Harness For A Cat How To Wear And What You Need To Know

Harness For A Cat How To Wear And What You Need To Know

The notion that cats are rooted couch potatoes is not entirely true. Yes, furry pets enjoy spending time in the cozy atmosphere of their home. But how many vivid sensations await them beyond the threshold! In addition, walking is beneficial for cats’ health: they strengthen the nervous system, and are the prevention of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Unfortunately, in a large city, pets should not be allowed to go outside without supervision. Transport, dogs, cruel people, poisonous plants, household waste products pose a mortal danger to them.

The presence of the owners is also not a guarantee that the walk will end safely. The cat is both curious and shy and, unlike the dog, does not obey commands. In the process of exploring new territories, she may be frightened, run away or hide so that it will be very difficult to find her.

How, then, to ensure the safety of the pet, but peace of mind? The answer is clear: to get such a useful attribute for walking as harness.

Why a harness, not a collar?

The cat’s neck is very vulnerable. The collar design does not take into account this anatomical feature and creates a harmful load for weak neck muscles. Another thing is the harness. The point of attachment of the leash is between the shoulder blades. This protects the fragile animal from the risk of injury and asphyxiation in those cases when the cat, keen on studying the outside world, pulls strongly on the leash. Therefore, harness is much safer than a collar.

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Types of harnesses

1) "Eight", H and V-shaped models.These accessories are made of straps and equipped with a snap hook to fasten the leash.

"Eight" is a closed ring and strap connected by a jumper.

The model in the form of the letter "H" consists of two rings with a connecting strip between them.

The V-shaped design forms the same Latin letter on the cat’s chest.

H – shaped, V – shaped, eight

Important! If the harness is put on incorrectly, the freedom-loving fluffy will slip out of the complicated weave of the straps and run away on the first walk!

2) Harness.Our pets are very sensitive creatures. Some of them categorically do not accept the mentioned types of harness because of the discomfort that the straps can deliver, crashing into the skin under tension.

For the obstinate picks, there are exceptionally comfortable harnesses-overalls. Cats adapt to such a “suit” without any problems.

It is much easier to put on overalls than a harness from straps. The danger of releasing the animal is completely eliminated.

This model is ideal for walking in the cold season, but in the summer the pet will be too hot in it.

What you need to pay attention to when buying a harness.

Main condition: the material should be light and flexiblem. The most preferred products are cotton and nylon with a soft felt lining.

But leather harnesses are not the best option: leather is too hard material for cats.

Pay attention to the leash. Most models come with a leash. Its optimal length is at least two meters. The standard option can be replaced with a retractable dog leash.

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Exquisite harness pattern, original clasps, colors that are in harmony with the color of cat hair, emphasize the charm and personality of the pet.

Preparing a cat for a walk with harness

Do not immediately put on a new thing. Better to put the harness in your cat’s favorite corner. Let her examine the mysterious thing.

When the pet is convinced of its harmlessness, one must carefully, without abrupt movements, put on a harness.

The next stage of training: the cat walks around the apartment with the owner, who holds the leash in his hands, but does not limit the animal in choosing the direction.

When the household understands that the cat is accustomed to the new property, they take her for the first walk to a quiet place where there are no dogs and cars.

How to wear a harness on a cat?

First you need to unfasten the leash.

Model "eight":

  • Put a closed ring on the cat’s neck so that the carabiner is on the withers, and the jumper is on the throat of the animal.
  • Moving the strap, expand the space between the ring and the jumper and place the right paw there. The jumper will shift to the chest, the right paw will be gripped by a strap.
  • Pull the free end of the strap under the left paw. To fasten a thong.

H-shaped model:

  • The first stage is similar: the first ring is put on the neck so that the fastener for the leash is on the back of the cat.
  • The front paws are threaded into the second ring, all the locks are fastened.
  • The subsequent steps are the same for all models.
  • Adjust the size as necessary. Two fingers should pass into the space between the body and the harness. Then the cat will not feel discomfort from crowding and at the same time will not get out of the harness.
  • Check that all locks are fastened and there are no bends on the belts.
  • Attach a leash.
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Important! On a walk, you can not relax your attention and let the leash out of your hands. In this case, the cat should be given the opportunity to move along the route of interest to her.

So, the owner learned to wear the harness correctly, and his pet was convinced that this is a wonderful item. Walking gives both only positive emotions. Now you can safely go on a trip, to an exhibition or to a veterinary clinic. Good luck

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