How To Accustom A Cat To Hands Useful Tips

How To Accustom A Cat To Hands Useful Tips

In childhood, many were read by Kipling’s stories. And they probably remember that a cat is a wayward, freedom-loving animal. On the other hand, some believe that the furry purr only does what it sits on the owner’s lap. Reality puts everything in its place, disappointing with reality. How to teach a cat to hand? Let’s get it right.

With a kitten it is usually always easier than with an adult animal. Because habits are formed up to 10-12 months. Then retraining the cat will be difficult. But probably. The main thing is to remember a few important rules.

Rule 1. Miss

Do not give up your hands immediately, trying to train a cat. You can take the animal wrong, and some, like people, are afraid of even the slightest height. And here is something unusual, enough, lifts up, squeezes! So nothing will come of it.

First, try to pet the cat, caress. Look at her reaction, behavior. If the animal presses its ears, hisses, then it will first have to gain its trust. It is possible that she has already suffered from human hands. And implicitly expects pain or trouble.

Tip. Try to stroke the cat on the head, neck, scratch behind the ear. Most adult animals do not like to stroke their backs, legs, and touch their tail. And God forbid you to try to penetrate the holy of holies – the area of ​​the chest and abdomen! This place is almost always untouchable even for fully tame cats.

Rule 2. Do not hold

Well, after some time, the cat began to calmly relate to the owner’s caresses. Now you can iron it for a long time. And then most people make a mistake. They take the cat in their arms and try to hold it. Or on your knees. As a result – scratched limbs of the owner and an evil pet.

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It would be more correct to try to lure a tailed abdomen. For example, offering a piece of goodies in the palm of your hand. It is very important that the pet ate it right from the hand. At the same time, you can try to pet the cat.

After the animal becomes accustomed to eating from the hand, you can try to feed it near you or on your knees. Just cover the old unnecessary rag. This will protect your clothes from stains. If everything is done correctly, then soon the cat herself will jump to your knees in search of goodies. At the same time, she will gradually get used to your touch.

Keep in mind that then it will be harder to drive it away every time, and sometimes it is necessary. For example, how do you explain to your darling that today you are not in trousers, but in nylon tights? She doesn’t care. Therefore, it is better to teach a cat to sit next to you, and not on your hands or on your knees.

Tip. The veterinary industry produces special aerosols with pheromones. Cats really like this smell, and they gladly go on splattered hands. However, most doctors are against such deception. Firstly, a cat gets an addiction to an aerosol akin to narcotic. And secondly, she goes to the owner in her arms not of her own free will. The smell will disappear – the animal will go away, forgetting about your knees and arms.

Rule 3. Do not scold

Some owners do not have the proper patience. After several unsuccessful attempts, they, without noticing it, begin to get annoyed, raise their voices. The cat very subtly feels all the vibrations and timbre of the owner’s voice. But they don’t understand the words. Therefore, the animal is inclined to think that he is scolded. But for what? Unclear.

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And then what kind of domestication can we talk about? It is very important during this period to keep yourself in control and carefully monitor your intonation. A quiet, steady conversation will calm the cat. And she is much more willing to go into your arms.

Rule 4. Do not drive away

Well, finally it happened! The darling herself jumped into your arms and demands affection. After all, this is exactly what you sought? And you have no time. You have an important business. Have to postpone it.

Do not try to drive the cat. Otherwise, it may be necessary to begin the process of learning from the beginning. And it may well turn out that now nothing will work. You have completely lost the trust of the pet.

Tip. Maybe the other way around. The cat will jump to its knees, sit for a minute, and run about its urgent business. The owner is trying to hold her, tail winding begins, hissing, scratches appear. Do not hold the animal! Let him go in a hurry. Otherwise, then it may not recognize your hands at all. You don’t let go when the sides are not licked, the water is not drunk, the muzzle is not washed.

How To Accustom A Cat To Hands Useful Tips

Rule 5. Do not use force

Some grief advisers recommend grabbing a cat, not letting go and stroking for as long as possible. Allegedly, she will understand faster that rocking is useless, and will get used to sitting in her arms. Nothing like this.

Explain to such recommenders that "shut up and don’t talk nonsense." Always remember the freedom of the pet. She should think that herself:

  • got used to hands
  • jumped to her knees
  • very fond of the master’s hands and society
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Otherwise, you will only further embitter the pet, and completely turn it away from you. It will be very difficult to regain its former trust. And often it’s almost impossible.

Tip. If you have chosen the option of luring food, then gradually accustom the cat to caresses without handouts. Otherwise, it will come to you only to satisfy your hunger or to beg for another tasty treat. Simple hugs without additional incentive will have to be forgotten.

Sometimes all the efforts of the owners are in vain. Well, then your cat is 100% on its own. Satisfied that she lives near you. And love her for who she is.

How to teach a cat to hand? Think first – do you need it? How to wean it was not necessary. A cat can regain all your space. Well, it will leave you a couple of centimeters of the bed, and a couple of buttons on the keyboard. The animal will constantly climb to your knees or ask for hands. And it doesn’t matter that you can have things to do, worries. After all, the desire of a cat is above all! But, if you have already decided on this, then be prepared to show patience during and after the training. But the pet will reward you with a signature massage with a purring sound.

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