How To Feed A Scottish Fold Cat (Scottish Fold)

How to feed a Scottish fold cat (Scottish fold)? Unfortunately, not all owners of these cats think about this, believing that such an unpretentious animal can be fed than they have to. And such confidence ends sadly – with health problems and visits to the veterinarian.

Scottish folds are famous for good health, but to maintain it you need proper, balanced and selected food for this breed.

How To Feed A Scottish Fold Cat (Scottish Fold)

How to feed a Scottish fold cat?

There are three main ways of feeding:

  1. Natural food.
  2. Natural raw feed. They consist of pieces of natural raw meat, as well as vegetables, offal, egg yolks, omega-3, taurine and vitamins and are a useful food for the active and long life of cats. These feeds are not heat treated, stored and delivered frozen. In the Russian market, this type of feed is presented by Superpet.
  3. Dry or canned food.

For feeding Scottish fold, it is worth taking a look at the cat food Acana and Orijen.

Mixing natural food and prepared foods is not worth it: the stomach of these cats is struggling to adapt to the constant change of food. Choose one option and stick to it, as far as possible, changing the diet or the manufacturer.

In feeding, the Scottish fold cat is a fairly unpretentious breed, it does not require pickles.

The debate about what kind of food is better to feed a Scottish fold cat has been going on for decades, but veterinarians have not been able to come to a consensus. Many experts advise choosing exclusively prepared feeds for purebred cats, since they include all the substances necessary for the animal. And a balanced branded feed, of course, will contain much more substances the cat needs than leftovers from the hosts table. Indeed, there are many arguments in favor of packaged feeds:

  • Their use does not require additional nutrition with vitamins.
  • A jar of canned food or a bag of food allows you to several times reduce the time it takes to prepare food for a pet.
  • The risk that the animal due to carelessness or negligence of the owner will receive something tasty, but harmful, is nullified.
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Despite all the advantages of ready-made feeds, natural products effectively provide the cat with the necessary trace elements and vitamins. Indeed, genetically any cat is a predator, and its digestive system is ideally suited for the processing of natural food – primarily meat.

Feeding a Scottish fold cat with human food (prepared for humans) is not worth it. Some of the products that are well absorbed by us can harm the health of the animal. And, more importantly, animals for a healthy life need a completely different combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates than humans.

If you decide to feed your pet with natural products, then make sure that the diet was prepared taking into account the physiology of the animal, and not formed from the food that remained after your plentiful lunch or dinner.

How To Feed A Scottish Fold Cat (Scottish Fold)

Natural food

It is better to consult an experienced veterinarian on how to properly feed a Scottish fold cat. Animal health largely depends on how much nutrient they receive with food.

  1. At least half of all food should be meat.
  2. Vegetables are required – an average of 20 – 25%.
  3. And a third of the total diet needs to be filled with cereals.

For a full life, a Scottish fold cat should receive per day per 1 kg of weight:

  • 4 grams of protein.
  • 2 grams of fat.
  • 12 to 15 grams of carbohydrates.

The volume of a single portion is also better to calculate depending on the weight of the animal. This breed is prone to obesity, so owners will have to ensure that their pet does not overeat. That is, a cat weighing 5 kg should eat about 100 grams of food in one sitting, not more. And the daily portion for him will be about 200 – 250 grams.

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What foods can be given to the Scot?

Food that can be fed to a Scottish fold cat should be without the addition of salt or any spices. Any seasoning for cats is contraindicated.

  • One of the most important components of the diet is meat. The main requirement for it: not too high fat content. Ideal for this breed of chicken, turkey, beef and veal. But pork and lamb should not be given in any case.
  • 2 times a month you can pamper your pet with boiled (but not raw and not fried) fish. often than not: this product creates an excessive load on the cat’s liver. Please note that only marine fish and exclusively low-fat varieties are suitable for feeding Scottish fold.

Meat and fish must be boiled: in raw form they are poorly digested and contribute to the appearance of worms and other parasites in cats.

Important! Before feeding Scottish Fold with fish, make sure that there are no bones, even small ones, in its pulp: otherwise the cat may choke or scratch the delicate tissues of the mouth with the sharp end.

  • Vital for cats porridge: rice, buckwheat or barley groats. It is best to mix cereals with meat and vegetables: add 2 parts of the remaining products to 2 parts of porridge.
  • These cats absorb oatmeal rather poorly, and it is better to give it only during indigestion: at these moments, it really benefits and helps to speed up recovery. Also note that large quantities of rice can cause constipation.
  • In no case do not give cereals with a high protein content: peas, beans, lentils. Many cats love these foods, but the result will be bloating and painful colic.
  • All cats love dairy products. But Scottish fold is contraindicated in pure cow’s milk, as well as fermented milk products with high fat content (for example, cream). It is best to give kefir, fermented baked milk and low-fat sour cream.
  • But you can give any vegetables, except for tomatoes, eggplant, garlic and onions.
  • Add a little boiled, finely chopped egg (not more than 1 piece per day) to your pet’s food. Quail is best suited to help maintain immunity, but, in extreme cases, chicken can be given.
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Scottish Folds cannot be fed cold or too hot food. All food should be slightly warmer than room temperature.

How To Feed A Scottish Fold Cat (Scottish Fold)

Food for pregnant and lactating cats

But how to feed a Scottish fold feeding cat? In general, the diet for recently given birth to lop-eared beauties does not change too much. However, it is worth adding a spoonful of bone meal to a single serving, and once a week pour food with a few drops of fish oil. Do not forget about vitamins: animals during this period need additional support with trace elements.

Be sure to increase the share of dairy products. And, of course, volume: for a cat-mother, it grows 3, or even 4 times, because she has to feed not only herself, but also her kittens. In order not to make a mistake, give your pet food on demand.

However, there is an easier way to provide the Scottish fold full nutrition: temporarily transfer the cat to high-quality prepared food for pregnant and lactating cats.

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