How To Train A Kitten To The Toilet

Bringing a cute, tiny, fluffy lump into the house, few of the owners think about what difficulties they will have to face before the pet can master all the rules of living together. The main skill is, of course, the dispatch of natural needs in the right place. This question should never be left to chance. If the kitten independently finds a place for the toilet, it will be marked there with enviable frequency even after it has mastered the tray.

If you take a kitten from the age of one and a half months, most likely, its owners have already taken care to teach the baby to the tray. You just have to ask all the details. In the event that the kitten is used to the filler, we advise you to purchase exactly the same or ask the owner for a small amount for the first time. If a newspaper served as the litter in the tray, you should also not rush to accustom your pet to civilized manners. Let him go to the toilet in the old fashioned way. to the print edition. And start to fill the filler in the tray later, on top of the paper.

In the event that you got an animal without the appropriate skills, our tips on how to teach a kitten to the toilet will help.

In order to avoid possible incidents, the toilet tray in your house should appear at the same time as the animal. Do not buy a cat’s small toilet, kittens aged 1. 1.5 are already easily overcome obstacles height of 5. 6 centimeters. In addition, the kids grow very quickly and after a few months they will not feel too comfortable in their baby tray.

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Choose a place for the cat’s toilet that will be available for the animal at any time. Keep in mind that a cat never relieves where it eats, so the tray and bowl with food should be in different rooms. Otherwise, your pet will have to choose between food and need. You can rest assured that he will choose the first.

I must say that to train a kitten to the toilet is not as easy as it might seem. Cats animals with an obstinate character, so you have to reckon with the opinion of the pet. Some animals flatly refuse to go to the tray where there is a grill, but without it they calmly use the toilet. Others categorically do not like the synthetic filler, they prefer natural materials.

At first, accustoming a kitten to a tray will require special attention from you. As soon as the baby worries and starts poking around the corners in search of a suitable place, grab it and drop it into the tray.

Many owners complain, they say, how to accustom a kitten to the toilet, if he then tries to fill the taste, then he settles in the tray or starts playing.
In this case, try to be consistent in your actions, but in no case do not scold the baby and do not punish him. All attempts to turn the tray into a place for games should be stopped immediately. But for the right actions, do not forget to praise the kitten.

If you understand that the task of how to tame a kitten to the toilet becomes unsolvable for you, use special formulations such as Bio Vax or Catty Home. By the way, all manufacturers of such products offer, as a rule, not only funds for attracting to the tray, but also products with the opposite effect.

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In the event that the pet for the toilet has chosen another place, mark the tray with its smell, dipping a piece of paper in the urine. Rinse the floor in this place with camphor or vinegar, their smell causes disgust in cats.

If you ask experienced kittens how to teach a kitten to the toilet, most likely they will tell you that this process proceeds individually with each animal. Particularly gifted individuals master independently not only the tray, but also the toilet. Others stubbornly mark all angles in the house. I must say that the owners of the latter, most likely, simply did not have the patience to finish the job. Since when the usual tips on how to teach a kitten to the toilet do not work, the owner of the animal needs to work a little more.

Be sure to carefully remove the pet’s waste from the floor. Try to block his access to an unauthorized toilet. Place a box or chair in this place.

Cats really do not like water, so the best way to wean a kitten from unwanted actions can be a regular spray bottle. Each time a pet concocts something inappropriate, sprinkle water into it. Believe me, after a short period of time the kitten will figure out what is required of it.

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