How To Train A Street Cat To A Tray

How To Train A Street Cat To A Tray

Having taken responsibility and bringing home a kitten or an adult cat from the street, you need to be prepared for the fact that in addition to making contact with an animal that does not trust its new owner, you also need to teach the pet basic skills, for example, to teach it to the tray.

This will require a huge reserve of patience and time, because street cats have their own established habits, which can be difficult to overcome.

Training a street cat in a tray

It is necessary to take into account the habits of street cats, namely, that they cope with their need for land or sand, and then bury their excrement. Knowing this, you can try to pour sand into a large tray, which may attract the animal. In order for the animal to understand what the sand tray is for, pieces of newspaper or toilet paper soaked in cat urine must be laid on top of the sand. You can try to put hay in a box, some street cats go to the toilet at first only for hay.

Places that the animal considers the most suitable for coping, need to be treated with deterrent sprays or thoroughly washed with an odor neutralizing agent to prevent the pet from smelling its urine. In case of failure, you can put a bowl of food in labeled places or spray the place with valerian, cats do not like to spoil where they eat.

After eating or sleeping, you can try to close the cat in the room where the tray is located, usually this place is a toilet, or in another limited space, for example in a cage. The cage should be spacious so that you can put a tray inside, while the pet could relieve need calmly, without restricting movements. To train a street cat in the tray, you should use a new box with low sides, this size so that the animal can bury excrement in the sand.

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It is necessary to monitor the behavior of the pet. If there are signs that indicate a pet’s desire to help, then you need to immediately pick up the animal and transfer it to the tray.

From the moment the street cat begins to walk in the sand tray, you need to wait a while until the animal takes it into a habit. Then gradually, in small portions, mix the filler in the sand. As a result, sand needs to be completely replaced with litter for the toilet, but there is no need to rush. Filler is best to choose woody and odorless. If you plan to accustom a street cat to a tray without a filler, then at the first stages of training a filler (special or sand) is poured under the grate and a small amount on the grate, and only then they are gradually removed, the amount of filler reduced, getting rid of it completely.

How To Train A Street Cat To A Tray

If the pet began to go into the tray only “little by little”, then it is advisable to purchase another box. Usually meowing pets begin to do their “big” things in another box.

Gradually, the filler box should be moved to another location in the direction of the permanent toilet. The animal should not notice a strong difference in changing the position of the tray.

It may take a month or more to train a street cat to a tray. The main thing is to be patient and praise the pet for the correct behavior. Some animals quickly realize what they are required to do if there is already a cat accustomed to the toilet in the house.

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