How To Wear A Harness On A Cat, A Leash For A Walk On The Street

Cats and dogs are the most beloved pets; they have been living side by side with humans for more than a thousand years. And caring owners are constantly inventing new items for their pets that help in grooming. Harness for cats – one of the most popular accessories purchased at pet stores recently.

Not so long ago, the cat was in the oven, the animal was warm, occasionally catching mice in the cellar. Modern cats often lead a much more eventful social life. Together with the owners, they travel to different countries, walk in parks and participate in international exhibitions. You can’t do without trips even with the necessary visit to the veterinarian.

How to wear a harness on a cat, what are they for?

Leash provides security for an animal, the cat will not fall under the car, will not get lost and will not be lost. And the owner will feel much calmer and more confident when he gets used to putting on a leash on a cat during each trip to the veterinarian, traveling in a car to the cottage, traveling on public transport.

When planning to wear a harness on a cat, it is important to consider how it differs from dog collars. The design consists of a thin strap wrapping an animal around the shoulder blades, fastens on the stomach or on the back. The shoulder blades also have a ring for an easy leash. Many models also include a neck strap, a thin collar, it will be more difficult for a cat to get out of such an “eight”, this model is considered more reliable.

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How to choose a harness for a cat?

Models from different manufacturers differ in options:

  • felt lining
  • reflectors for evening walks,
  • universal sizes
  • harnesses from suede, velveteen, velvet,
  • special harnesses for kittens.

A set of harnesses with a Chinese-made leash will cost the cat-man cheaper, but the owner takes risks, because such leashes are often not too strong, and a strong adult cat will easily break this leash.

Overalls Option

For cats that do not tolerate loop loops, sold harnesses-overalls. This accessory does not crash into the body of the animal under tension, the cat will not notice it. In such a leash, the animal will not be entangled, it will not catch on something, will not get stuck, as sometimes happens with belts. A bright or unusual coloring of the jumpsuit will highlight the pet against the background of bushes and give it style and originality.

The main task of the harness is to prevent the cat from running away. Therefore, the main thing is to choose the right size for the accessory. It should tightly fit the body of the animal, but between it and the belt there should be a distance in the finger of the owner. In this case, the cat does not slip out of the occasion, and the accessory does not injure the pet.

How to train a cat to a harness?

It is fundamentally wrong immediately after the purchase to wear a new leash on the cat and drag the poor animal into the street to show off to the neighbors. Attentive and caring owner will allow the animal to get used to to a new thing at home. For several days, the cat should be able to see and smell the straps. Only after that, without sudden movements, carefully put on the harness on the pet. It is better to do this before feeding, then the straps and putting on the harness will be associated with pleasant consequences. If you managed to fasten the leash, you need to distract the cat from unusual new sensations, play with it, give a treat.

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Specialists and breeders recommend accustom animals to harness from 2-3 months, kittens are easier to learn, more quickly get used to the leash. But up to 5 months of age, kittens are advised to walk only in the apartment. Then further walks will not cause inconvenience to either the cats or the owners. If you already decided to start breeding an adult animal with harness, then you need to walk it on a leash for a long time at home, then try to go outside, walk in a deserted quiet place where there are no cars.

Cats do not walk near the owners, like dogs; rather, a person will have to walk after the pet, only occasionally adjusting its route. Of course, you can go outside with a cat vaccinated against infections, and in a special collar against fleas and ticks.

Cannot be taken on a street walk

  • How To Wear A Harness On A Cat, A Leash For A Walk On The Street

    an old cat, if she doesn’t have a street habit, it’s very stressful for an elderly animal;

  • a walk can also injure cats that have undergone surgery,
  • animals in the recovery period after the disease,
  • pregnant cats and animals during estrus.

Difficult to accustom to harness aggressive animals that do not get along well with people and animals, cowardly and nervous individuals. The attitude to walks for all cats is individual, and each owner will be able to find an approach to his pet if he correctly follows the advice of breeders and specialists.

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