We Make A Cozy House For Our Cat

We Make A Cozy House For Our Cat

Do you have a cat-breed pet that began to hide in closets and drawers with linen? This is a clear sign that he needs his house, in which he can soak up, sleep or just sit for pleasure and today we’ll talk about how to make such a cozy nest for a cat do it yourself.

Cat’s house it can be of the most diverse form, but it is better to give preference to the usual form – the shape of a house with four walls. Such a house is most optimal for a cat to live, because it is cozy and allows the cat to retire, hide and relax at any time. Below you can find a detailed master class onhow to build such a house for a cat with your own hands with a detailed description of the stages of work.

You can choose a house for cats with a more complex design. Such houses resemble a playground and are often equipped with a claw point. For their manufacture, a wide variety of materials are used, from carpet to faux fur. The clawfish, as a rule, is a dense frame wrapped in a jute or sisal cord.

Materials are usually chosen natural and absolutely safe, not only for the animal, but also for its owners. Using modern materials and technologies allows you to create houses for cats of various colors, so this item will perfectly complement any interior.

If you decide to make a house with your own hands, you should remember that cats have a much finer sense of smell than humans. Therefore, the materials used should be as natural as possible. This is especially true for glue – it should contain organic solvents, but without a strong odor.

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One more moment when building a cat house – it must be stable, because cats are very careful animals, avoiding shaky unstable designs. In addition, the house should be roomy enough, but not too, a little darkened and cozy. Cats love to retire so they are not disturbed. Dimensions should be selected so that the cat was comfortable and lie and stretch.

We Make A Cozy House For Our Cat

Typically, houses are equipped with a "watchtower" with which the cat will be able to observe others. The best height for her is 1-1.2 m. A "tower" of this height will allow the cat to calmly observe the sitting people, as well as to feel "on top".

As a rule, it is the “tower” that is chosen for the organization of the claw point. It is enough to wrap its trunk with suitable material. Usually a durable wear-resistant sisal fiber rope is chosen. To fix it, do not use nails or staples, otherwise the cat can seriously injure its claws and paws. How to make a house for a cat with your own hands with a scratching post. Master class with a photo of the stages of work.Do it yourself do-it-yourself original house for a cat with a high "viewing platform". Photos of the stages of work.Interesting options for houses for cats of the original design.
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