What Will Happen If You Cut The Mustache For The Cat? Why Does The Cat Need A Mustache

What is your image of a cat? Many immediately remember about graceful posture, silk wool and a luxurious mustache. Without them, the cat’s face does not look so attractive at all. However, cats need a mustache not only for beauty. Therefore, if your children love to trim them, then try to stop these actions. If the children have already entered a time of conscious age, then you can tell them what will happen if you cut the cat’s mustache. Immediately warn that this is not necessary in any case.

What and why

No wonder even in fairy tales it was emphasized: a mustachioed-striped. Chic long mustache is the subject of pride of the cat, and often its owners. Yes, nature has given them for a reason. Let’s first consider why a cat needs a mustache. In addition to the decorative function, they are also an organ of smell. They even have a second name, which is rarely mentioned in everyday life.


This is the scientific name of the vegetation on the face of your pet. Speaking about why a cat needs a mustache, it is important to note that zoologists have studied this issue closely, and today there are quite reasonable answers. Vibrissa. it is the organ of the sixth sense, which has a connection with the brain. You can only regret that we are deprived of such a tool. You can already say what will happen if you cut the cat’s mustache. This is about the same as if it had been deprived of the eyes, ear or nose. The brain will not be able to receive important signals and properly respond to them.

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Differences from animal hair

There are physiological features. Vibrissas are planted very deep in the skin; these are not ordinary wools at all. Each mustache is an antenna that is surrounded by nerve cells. This is necessary to transmit signals directly to the brain center. But that is not all. Vibrissae are equipped with muscle fibers.

That is, it is not hair at all, but rather complex receptors. In fact, they are responsible for the scent, just changed during evolution. The longest and most sensitive mustaches are located on top, the shorter ones can be seen in the chin area. Remember that cats hunt at night, they need to quickly and silently find and catch a rodent. Thanks to the mustache, a cat can feel an object without contact with it and avoid a collision with an obstacle. What will happen if the cat is trimmed with a mustache? He will lose a huge flow of information. Of course, this is not fatal at home, but affects the well-being of the pet.

What Will Happen If You Cut The Mustache For The Cat? Why Does The Cat Need A Mustache

High sensitivity

Various attributes are attributed to cats. This is resourcefulness and cunning. It is difficult to say that this is undeserved. Their ability to sense danger and find their way in pitch darkness is also associated with a mustache. over, antennas, and it is difficult to call them differently, respond to environmental changes. Again, at home this does not carry a vital function, but then your favorites have come out of nature. No wonder they can foresee an earthquake. This already fully answers the question of what will happen if the cat is trimmed with a mustache. They will lose the opportunity to navigate in space as they did before.

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Pet interaction

The loving owner at least once wondered what his cat was thinking about now, what his mood was. Mustache is a means of expressing facial expressions. If you know the transcript, then you can easily understand the mood of your pet. Watch her, and everything will become clear. If a fluffy beauty meets an object of interest to her, then the mustache stretches forward, as if studying it. Other movements transmit an alarm and danger. It is advisable not to allow such situations, so watch your pet. Thus, a cat’s long mustache is the key to your understanding.

If the cat lost its mustache

Sometimes this is a necessary measure. For example, if surgery is required, then the veterinarian will have to shave the hair together and the vibrissa to treat the entire area. This procedure is extremely painful for cats. This is another reason why cats should not trim their mustache.

The owners confirm that in this case, the pet is literally replaced. His emotional background is changing, the cat is in a bad mood. This is not surprising, she has a disordered orientation in space, and the brain is not yet accustomed to change.

Will the cat grow a mustache if cut

You can’t worry about this. Of course, they will recover. over, nature has made sure that recovery occurs as quickly as possible. For comparison, we can say that the growth rate of vibrissae exceeds the growth of hairs by about three times. But this is only an additional time is a confirmation that nature is not in vain has endowed these animals with an additional sensory organ.

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Scientists have repeatedly done various experiments with the removal of all or part of the vibrissae. This was done for the sake of science. Some cats in this case began to behave completely differently than usual. Sometimes the animal could not get into the usual hole or stuck in it. Of course, such a violation of health was extremely traumatic for the psyche of the animal.

Often, cats after this procedure got problems with gait, and with jumping there were problems at all. What other evidence is needed to understand the importance of these organs? To part with them is the same as with the eyes.

Instead of a conclusion

A cat’s mustache is not only for beauty, although it is quite possible, they play a role in choosing a partner. But for the most part it is a tool for hunting and orientation in space. Therefore, you can’t cut a cat’s mustache. Of course, nature made sure that they were restored in the shortest possible time. But still, this is stress for the animal, which does not go in vain.

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